Striation.  The line texture on this bracelet makes for a beautiful piece.  The bracelet is 7/8" wide and fits a 7 inch wrist.
Tiger.  Polished silver with a centerline of beads creates the band with decorative leaves alongside the stone makes a  beautiful Tigers Eye Bracelet.  It fits a 7 inch wrist.  The band is 1/4 inch wide at the opening and widens to fit the stone.
Dimples.  This simple hammered style bracelet with beaded border is 1/2 inch wide and fits a 7 inch wrist.
Woven Silver.  This bracelet is sterling silver woven like cloth and is 1/2 inch wide.
Swirlicue.  This 3/4 inch wide bracelet has gentle swirls
Diamonds.  This cuff has a diamond pattern on its length.
patterned cuff
patterned cuff
Chantilly - This bracelet features three different sizes of rings. A modified byzantine link connects each large ring. There are 278 individual rings, weighs 1.8 grams, and fits a 7 in. wrist.
Trisky - This inverted round weave has 312 individual rings. This beautiful bracelet fits a 7 in. wrist
Hissy - the hissy bracelet has 160 individual rings woven into a full persian design. It is 9mm in diameter and 9inches long, making it the perfectly woven bracelet for any man.
Byzzy - a simple byzantine weave containing 174 rings. It fits a 7 inch wrist and is almost 1ounce of sterling silver
Double Triple - this little bracelet is 7.5 inches long and has 140 rings
Slinky - the slinky is an inca puno weave, weighs a full ounce, and is 7.5 inches in length
Tiller - This little piece only has 65 rings, but don't let it fool you. This beautiful bracelet has a simple, yet elegant look about it.
Hersy - is 7.5 inches long and has 148 rings. It is the "her" version of Hissy and features a full persian weave.
Woven Silver
Patterns 2
Double Triple
The Square Kumihimo is 3mm wide and has 24 individual strands of 0.999 fine silver artfully weaved.
Multiple sizes are available, but no two pieces are identical.
Fine Square Kumi
These bracelets can be made to order in any length.
Hand woven illusion bracelet made with over 100 jump rings in two sizes, actually has rings floating in it.
Length: 7 inches
Width: 5.16"
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